Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Des photos du voyage

Claire outside one of the doors to our hostel The Crown and Bard, in Prague, the Czech Republic

Colourful buildings in our neighbourhood in Prague

The Easter Market

Stunning Baroque church

You could buy beautiful painted eggs at the market, although not this large

Another Czech church

My travel buddy

Beautiful clock (a trumpeter would sound every hour)

Our walking tour of Prague

Beautiful architectural details

Czech street sign

Synagogue in the Jewish Quarter

Jewish Quarter

Jewish Quarter

Our hostel room

The beer train restaurant

Meeting up with Jason and Eddie

Overlooking Prague from the castle

Overlooking Prague

Finally found someone who spoke French whom we could ask to take our picture

Back of the Cathedral

Great hall in the Castle

Noble families' coats of arms

Off for our picnic in the gardens

Springtime in Prague

The incredible windows in the cathedral

Beautiful organ pipes and musical decorations

Sunset as seen from our hostel room

Inside the Baroque church for the choir concert

On the main bridge

Our German friends!

In Vienna

The cathedral (this kind of beautiful tiled roof could be seen in all the countries we saw)

Inside the cathedral

Hanging out in the Hofburg gardens

Hofburg Pavilion

Former royal residence

Royal Library

Globe museum

One of the main squares

Hofburg Palace at sunset

"An intelligent person obtains the best education when travelling" -- Goethe

Sidetrip to Bratislavaaa

Contrast of building styles

A little Slovakian beer


Our ascent towards the castle

Self-timer fun

The Castle (closed for Good Friday)

A view of the communist block apartment buildings ... ugh

Old city centre

Schönbrunn Palace outside of Vienna (the lineup to get in)

Beautiful Victorian gardens

A labyrinth!

The National Art Gallery

Vermeer's "The Art of Painting"

By the door to get tickets to the opera
The line-up

Inside the opera

Our view before people sat down

The orchestra

Outside the opera after skipping out

The Vienna Boys Choir (someone else took this for me, since I couldn't see them)

On our way to Budapest

Budapest Parliament

I forget what this was called

View of the Danube

Gate next to the National Gallery

Crossing from Buda to Pest

The Cathedral

The "Iron Curtain", artistic interpretation

A piece of the Berlin Wall

Oldest subway station in the country

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