Saturday, February 19, 2011

Des dizaines de photos

Our chalet!

Our view

Our view

More view

View at night

Like I said, I never got tired of this

Venturing into town

Matt, Laura, Aurélien. I adore these people. 

The hill from below

Skating night!

Team Creepy

So happy

Everyone's happy

Soaking up some sun on the balcony


Matt vs. the world

This became a pattern

THE MOST BEAUTIFUL EXAMPLE OF A CLOTHESLINE (skied directly into a rope... excellent)

Let's climb this small mountain! The boys decide to be manly and carry their skis too. 

Precious couple moment

So far to goooo

We are the masters of the Self Timer

Big love

Beautiful Bromance

Thugz fo life


Climbing the mountain on foot... or rather, taking a little break

Caught on camera

My camera broke, so the following a from the disposable I bought!

The village from above

My favourite picture

The boyzz