Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Des photos

A little visual insight into what I've been describing...

Une soirée chez Aurélien (Aurélien, Laura, Matthieu, Adrien)
Moi et Maëllie

Matty, Matthieu and I

Adrien, Aurélien, Matty

On the roof of the Opéra

The daily slog at the library

Exploring (without permission) the new wing of the school, under construction

Meeting up with a very dapper Uncle Jim in Paris

Clock at the Musée d'Orsay

Love locks

Jardin des Tuileries


Driving back from Paris into the sunset

In France, you make crêpes on pancake Tuesday - boys hard at work
At a game of the Ducs d'Angers (notice the CDN flag in the background?)

Question period at the lib

Spring arrives in Angers

A little folly never went amiss

The beautiful university

Sunset on my street

My house! My room is the one on the left

Playing Wii (Michael Jackson version) with some Françaises (Matty, Andréa, Mathilde, Camille)

Aurélien has a birthday

The IPLV gala (Moi, Élodie, Aurélie)
Aurélie, Mathilde, Élodie - some of our Monday lunch girls

Le Grenier Saint Jean

Bénédicte, my conversation partner

Dancing to a little Lady GaGa

Josh from Georgia where the peaches grow

Matty et moi

Spring spring spring!

On the left is the statue gallery, in the middle is the cathedral

The courtyard of La Catho (Matthieu, Laura, Maëlle - Gabe and Mary in the background)

Soaking up the sun - Matthieu, Laura (Française), Élise, Matty, Maëllie, Adrien

Lunchtime on the lawn - Arthur, Shi, and Matt

Hanging out on the river bank - Mary, Matt, Matthieu, Adrien

On the roof of the Opéra - rawr

Matty, me, Adrien, Mary - so fierce

Mary, Matty, Adrien, Matthieu

Adrien's graduation ceremony

Chez Maëlle (Lou and Solène, Maëlle's sister)

Adrien and Matthieu come for a visit


We go for a little stroll - Lou and Adrien

Matthieu et moi

lou lou skip to my lou

Adrien, Laura, Matthieu behind, me

The class photo

"The Raft of the Medusa" - Géricault

The family photo - Front row: sullen adolescent, grammie, doting granddaughter, other sullen adolescent. Back row: patriarch, creepy mother

So much love

Neutral faces (ahem, Laura)

Despair --> joy

Joy --> despair

The animals are let loose from the zoo: Dog, monkey, giraffe, lion, swan, gorilla

hahahahahah - Adrien, Laura, Maëllie

International Day - Matty and Maëllie show a little Canadian spirit

Maëlle, Adrien, me, Matt

With Monsieur Melin, our programme director

Ooh là là

Matthieu rocking the CDN gear

Adrien et Maëlle

More from the graduation ceremony - Matt, Claire, me, Adrien

Cyril's magical wine bottle opening trick

The riverside (Maine River)

La pique-nique

Moi et Bénédicte

Les filles

Me and Cyril

Matthieu, Matty, Adrien

Monkey Matthieu climbs a lamppost

Front row: Me, Héloise, Hélène, Matthieu. Back row: Matty, Adrien, Monja, Maëlle

Picnic number 3 - Mary, Mary Beth, Jason, Lou, Maëlle, Aurélien, Adrien, Matt, Matthieu

Hélène et moi

More CIDEFiens arrive: Me, Kylle, Colin, Laura, Aurélien, Maëlle, Joseph

Adrien, Matthieu, Laura

Mary Beth, Adrien, Mary

Climbing a clock tower...


Out for an ice cream : Adrien, me, Matthieu

Zonked - Matthieu et moi